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ES2AIA118 - MEP Insights to the Title 24 – Part 6 and International Energy Conservation Code
(1 LU/HSW)
MEP insight and education to current energy codes directly relating to Architects and their scope of design and management services. This course assists Architects gain knowledge and expertise in areas that directly affect the overall energy consumption and longevity of construction projects. The presentation will focus on engineering requirements found in the International Energy Conservation Code and California Title 24 energy codes that impact the architectural to direct design responsibilities.
  • Increase knowledge of the various methods of code compliance for both California Title 24 and IECC.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of building commissioning and which areas of the commissioning process not required in the energy code provide increased value for a building.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of mechanical items of the energy code that relate to the architect's scope of services.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of electrical items of the energy code that relate to the architect's scope of services.
ES2AIA117 – BIM Clash Detection and Top 10 Coordination Items
(1 LU)
Understand the proper steps for BIM modeling and clash detection and learn how to eliminate the top 10 project coordination pit falls.
  • Setting up clash tests.
  • Know top 10 coordination items.
  • Understand steps for proper modeling for clash detection.
  • Understand what clash detection won’t detect.
ES2AIA116 – Fire Rated Construction – An Overview for Wood-Framed Buildings
(1 LU/HSW)
Assist the architect understand fire rated construction better and to increase their knowledge and familiarity with different systems.
  • Increased understanding of optimal locations within building for locating fire walls.
  • Increased understanding of structural detailing for fire rated construction.
  • Increased understanding of when is fire rated construction required.
  • Increased understanding of how fire rated construction applies to different building materials.
ES2AIA115 – SMEP Lessons Learned for Hotel and Multifamily Projects
(1 LU)
SMEP insights from years of experience and many projects that will help architects in their efficient design of hotels and multi-family projects.
  • To better understand simple HVAC system types and efficiency requirements (PTAC’s, VTAC’s, Split DX, etc.).
  • To gain a basic understanding of CHP (combined heat and power) systems and how it may benefit the project.
  • To become familiar with different construction methods for different building configurations.
  • To become familiar with some design elements that lead to a code required generator.
ES2AIA114 – Got SMEP? An Architect’s Primer and Rules of Thumb for SMEP Design
(1 LU)
The course is intended to teach strategies for architects to understand and coordinate structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
  • Strategies for coordinating and managing mechanical systems.
  • Strategies for coordinating and managing plumbing systems.
  • Strategies for coordinating and managing structural systems.
  • Strategies for coordinating and managing electrical systems.
ES2AIA113 – BIM: Moving Beyond 3D Modeling
(1 LU)
This course explores the future of BIM and other technologies that will be utilized in the building industry. Ideas and topics of this course are intended to inspire the attendee's vision of how BIM can be more than just a 3D drafting tool.
  • Increased understanding of BIM collaboration with consultants and clients.
  • Increased understanding of leveraging BIM after design.
  • Increased understanding of the benefits of using BIM in building design, construction and management.
  • Increased understanding of coordination between design disciplines using BIM.